Josie Bisetti, founder of Skin Peace by Josie B, believes we meet the world face first.

Trusted with the faces of models, entertainment and beauty industry influencers, musicians, and Tony and Emmy-award winning actors like Alex Newell and Julianne Hough, she understands how vital image is to personal and professional success.

Her Philosophy

is articulated in the three pillars of her signature skincare brand: protect the skin, regulate the internal and external factors that impact the skin, and regenerate the natural barriers key to glowing skin.

She developed her unique approach to skincare while working at global cosmetics leader, Estée Lauder, where her natural curiosity for ingredients and how they holistically heal and transform the skin emerged. Her journey to master esthetician began in her youth when acne left her with hyperpigmentation.

Ms. Bisetti shares, "As a teenager, not having someone to educate me on how to treat my skin or understand the daily stressors and foods that negatively impact the skin was heartbreaking. Being a dark-skinned girl of Afro-Latino and Peruvian-Italian heritage, my skin has always scarred easily, so guiding information about taking care of my face has been a vital piece of my self-care. When I consult and develop treatment plans for my clients, I want to make sure I first cover all the fundamentals, then treat the skin."  

Skin Peace by Josie B is founded upon a combination of principles and methods she acquired during her extensive professional trainings around the world, including European facial techniques, buccal massage, and lymphatic drainage by Biologique. Ms. Bisetti is a certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner guided by a desire to help others achieve vibrant, natural health. “My holistic approach to treating clients allows me to assist them on their journey as they heal from within.”  

The Skin Peace by Josie B spa experience is grounded in results that pamper clients with custom-tailored skincare rituals that allow them to put their best face forward. "Designing bespoke protocols that deliver results is the key to success. I educate clients on how to feed and repair their skin’s natural barrier without stripping the protective lipids. The result is gorgeous skin supported by products and supplements that deliver beauty from the inside out.” 

Working with innovative, effective, non-invasive modalities has made Skin Peace by Josie B an in-demand approach that elevates skin care routines while cultivating an authentic connection to well-being. As one of New York City's most sought-out estheticians, Josie Bisetti continues to earn the adoration of her growing client base in New York, California, and across America.